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Recognized by UGC - Under 2 (f) And Under 12 (B)

लोकनायक बापूजी अणे महिला महाविद्यालय, यवतमाळ.

Loknayak Bapuji Aney Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Yavatmal

Accredited with "B+" Grade by NAAC (2004)

(Affiliated To Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University)
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Padmavibhushan Loknayak Bapuji Aney
Alias Madhav Shrihari Aney

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    Sunday 12th June 1966
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    Monday 3rd April 2017
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Dear Brothers/Sisters,,

This is just a small attempt to communicate with all of you through this college prospectus. In this world of cut throat competition, all the parents are facing the very serious problem of their wards’ progress along with the safety in the society. The only difference is when this problem comes to their doorstep as an ugly giant; they feel the seriousness of it. The only reason behind this is till that very moment, we live in the role of “Dhrutrashtra” who was literally blind in the love of his son. But to tell you truly frankly, this problem is standing in your, our and everybody’s yard in its most intense form. In this age of information and communication technology, the unreasonable (improper) increased use of mobile phone is responsible for destroying the social health. The disappearing conversation and communication between wards and parents is also a worrying matter. In this critical condition, our responsibility has also increased as parents.

' A whole world steps aside for the man, who knows where he is heading for.'

Brothers/Sisters, when our wards enter the school premises in their childhood, we take their utmost care till first 4-5 standards every moment. May it be school sports day or parents meet, mother and father personally register their presence. In fact, we definitely know that our wards will never leave the school/teachers for a moment and even move a single inch away in that period. Moreover, we are very much alert about the safety of girls. But during the tender age, when the captivating and cheating moments can come across every step, we don’t even try to know about her progress meeting teachers of her college where she is taking her education once in a year at least. Perhaps, we connive at it. This is also very much true!

Most of the time, while moving on the roads, we come across many “Road Romeos” who falsely commit and who offer girls false promises. But, we connive at it blindly thinking that so is not our ward. The emotional transformations coming along with the age are very natural. We have also gone through this age. But at that time, some acquaintance would see and tell this at home was a great fear and because of this fear, the proportion of falling victim to that attraction and bet was very less. But today, so is not the case. That is why if any unpleasant incident take place, only then the family members come to know about the reality. Obviously, the reason is our extra and unreasonable belief in our wards. But the employees serving in the college very intensely experience at each and every moment on how much blind belief all parents are living. We, the college employees, experience the pains of the parents who are desperate because of the sudden gotten shock. But…..

Brother/Sisters, I humbly want to make a modest request that just spare fifteen minutes once in a fortnight and take the review of your ward’s progress from her patron teacher. If it’s not possible to meet personally, ask about her movements and whereabouts during the college hours. This will give you the idea about her progress. Register your presence compulsorily in the parents meet. Take care of writing your own mobile number on the admission form of your ward. (Because our experience is such that most of the time, we get the message “this number dose not exists”, “This number is not active” etc.) Let us all try to become alert parents. We are definitely trying. But if we get your valuable cooperation, we can make our wards sophisticated and well resolved in a truer sense!

Expecting your cooperation!
Big thanks!

Thanks & Regards,
Loknayak Bapuji Aney Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Yavatmal
( लोकनायक बापूजी अणे महिला महाविद्यालय, यवतमाळ. )

Principal's Of Our Institute

# Name of Principal Year
1 Dr. Durgesh Kunte 2017 to till date
2 Dr. Lata Baghel 2015 to 2016
3 Dr. Vinayak Bhise 2014 to 2015
4 Mrs. Asha Deshmukh 1998 to 2014
5 Mrs. Nila Somalwar 1992 to 1997
6 Mr. Shankarlal Kothari 1989 to 1992
7 Mr. Jayant Bhat 1982 to 1989
8 Mr. Shankarlal Kothari 1973 to 1982
9 Mrs. Vinatai Karandikar 1971 to 1973